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Pley of the Day: Insane flick by Swedish legend

JW has made his way to our #POTD!

Former Fnatic legend Jesper "JW" Wecksell is the man in the spotlight after he managed to pull off an impressive flick on Overpass.

14-13 on the scoreline, EYBALLERS and JW had to make the comeback in order to take the win on Overpass. With ice in his veins, the 28-year-old AWPer decides to play aggressively outside the toilets. While trying to push for info and maybe get a kill, a Nexus player starts shooting at the fnatic legend, what looked like a free kill for the Nexus rifler smekk ended up being an insane flick kill made by JW.

Watch JW use the AWP to perfection right here:

EYEBALLERS ended up winning Overpass in overtime 19-17. However, Nexus fought their way back and won the series 2-1.

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