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Player of the day: Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo

We have found our player of the day!

Imperial defied all expectations through the Challengers Stage, defeating forZe 2-0. Their first game of the day was against IHC, where FalleN showed up with 62 frags and ended on the top of the scoreboard on both Mirage and Inferno.

On the second matchup against forZe, imperial secured their spot at the Legends Stage. The 30-year-old professor led his team Imperial to a 2-0 win against forZe. He was a big part of their win on both maps, and especially on Overpass, he did some great work. The Brazilian godfather seems to have found a bit of the firepower for his new team.

Stats vs. IHC:

62-46 K-D | 79.5 ADR | 70.4% KAST | 1.22 Rating

Stats vs. forZe:

39-16 K-D | 93.7 ADR | 85.7% KAST | 1.62 Rating

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