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Pimp: "degster has been the most positive story"

We talked with CS:GO expert "Pimp" just before the Grand Final

There are few in that know as much about the world of Counter-Strike as Jacob "Pimp" Winneche. The former player and now CS:GO expert and analyst is one of the brightest minds behind the scenes of professional CS:GO and never fails to give a well-reasoned take on anything that revolves around the beautiful game of Counter-strike.

We talked with "Pimp" shortly before the Grand Final between Natus Vincere and Vitality. When asked about the event in its whole and what player has impressed him the most, the answer was quite straightforward:

"I think degster from OG has been the big talking point for me. The fact that you are coming in as a stand-in and you are dictating the games, he demanding respect, he is demanding space on the server and he was doing a tremendous job. I think without any doubt degster has been the most positive story coming out of BLAST so far."

When asked in further detail about what team should look into signing the talented Russian AWP'er, "Pimp" explains that there are few teams who wouldn't benefit from having such a dangerously skilled player as a part of their roster:

"Even if you have a good AWP-player I think degster right now is a candidate to be one of the three, maybe four, best AWP'ers in the world, so if you want to make your team better, you look into degster."

When talking about major talents, currently on the transfer list it is difficult not to mention "YEKINDAR". When asked about the future of the talented rifler, "Pimp" sang his praises and explained just how big of an asset "YEKINDAR" can be for any roster:

"The player profile he is, there is very few of his kind. A rifle-player that can dictate the game singlehandedly. Extremely agressive, extremely good at entry-duels. If you're G2 you're looking into a guy like YEKINDAR, if you're anyone out there, even if you're NaVi you're looking into YEKINDAR, there is a potential there."

To hear more from our talk with CS:GO expert "Pimp" you can watch the entire exclusive interview down below:

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