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Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

Movistar Riders dominate Budapest Five 2-0

Budapest Five seemed no match for the Movistar Riders roster

Movistar Riders were set to face Budapest Five in the Quarter-finals of the European Development Championship 2 event. Movistar Riders' newest signing is Owen "smooya" Butterfield. Joining the organization in January 2021 he seeks to catapult the team into, previously, unknown heights. The AWP'er is one of the most established and promising British players that the Counter-Strike scene has to offer and is, seemingly, a perfect fit for the roster.

The battle for a spot in the Semi-finals commenced and at first it seemed to be an equal fight between the two rosters. Despite being Movistar Riders' map pick of Overpass the two teams went to halftime as close as possible at a scoreline of 8-7 favoring Movistar Riders. The second half was a one-sided affair, however, and ultimately Movistar Riders were able to close out the first map without too much hassle at 16-9.

The second map was to be played on Train. Whilst being the choice of Budapest Five, Train was no success for the roster, as Movistar Riders, with the help of "smooya" managed an impressive 16-2 victory and thereby also a 2-0 series-win.

16-9 Movistar Riders (Overpass) | smooya 1.52 Rating / 80.1 ADR / 23-11 K-D

16-2 Movistar Riders (Train) | smooya 2.54 Rating / 144.8 ADR / 30-5 K-D

Highlight of the Bo3-series


Owen "smooya" Butterfield | 1.93 Rating - 53-16 K/D - 107.2 ADR - 83.7% KAST

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