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Lucky headlines new Danish team

Following Tricked declaring bankruptcy last month, three of their former player have now found a new home.

A new CS:GO roster has been formed in the Danish scene, with the newly-founded organization Espionage entering Counter-Strike.

Starring the lineup is the former Astralis AWPer Phillip “Lucky” Ewald, who ended up having a 10-month stint on the Danish super team before re-joining Tricked in June last year.

Espionage will consist of two additional ex-Tricked players in Oliver "⁠kwezz⁠" Rasmussen and Oliver "⁠IceBerg⁠" Berg, as they put their sights towards the upcoming release of the much-awaited Counter-Strike 2.

-The focal point for the organization will be CS:GO and the upcoming title CS2, as so, we are happy to announce the players that will represent us in the coming seasons, Espionage state in a press release.

Espionage | Roster

Philip "⁠Lucky⁠" Ewald

Oliver "⁠kwezz⁠" Rasmussen

Oliver "⁠IceBerg⁠" Berg

Casper "⁠Cabbi⁠" Jensen

Anton "⁠Anlelele⁠" Huynh

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