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Finnish team sign sergej’s talented younger brother

The two youngsters Jimpphat and HENU has been picked up by SJ.

The Finns from SJ has decided to shake up their roster before the start of the prominent Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1. The organization has decided to bench Leevi “AKE” Kovalainen and Verneri “BONA” Junkala, and replace them with the promising “super talent” Jimi “Jimpphat” Salo and Henri “HENU” Ylilehto.

Jimpphat is the younger brother of the former ENCE profile Jere “sergej” Salo, who currently is playing for GORILLAZ. The 15-year-old Salo little brother has also managed to make himself a name in the CS:GO community by showing short glimpses of his amazing talents.

SJ’s Sports Executive Director, Otto Takala has stated the following concerning the roster moves.

Making changes to a team is sometimes challenging. Moving players with great joy, passion and attitude out of an active line-up is one of the most difficult things you have to face when working in the industry.

The reasons and justifications for the changes are not always simple when it comes to tuning the role of a five-person roster which are seeking perfection. These changes in the line-up are aimed at better competitive success.

SJ | Roster

Tony ”arvid” Niemelä

Tuomas ”SADDYX” Louhimaa

 Joel ”jelo” Lentonen

Jimi ”Jimpphat” Salo

Henri ”HENU” Ylilehto

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