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Day two of the Major: Third round of the Swiss stage

Take a look at the matchups for the third round of the Swiss stage.

It’s time for the second day of the PGL Stockholm Major! All match-ups have been determined, with the schedule for today being filled with plenty of action-packed fights. By the end of this day, two teams will have secured a spot in the Legends stage, while two others will be sent home packing. 

Highlighted matches: Who will secure a spot in the Legends stage? 

12:30 | Heroic vs. Copenhagen Flames | Bo3 | (Stream A)

Danish derby 
Both teams got a dream start on the first day of the Major, but only one of the two Danish rosters will make it 3-0 on day two to secure a spot in the Legends stage undefeated. Who will it be? 

12.30 | FaZe vs. 

Heartbreak for the Latvian community 

YEKINDAR spoke to right when the match-ups of the third round of play were released, saying their elimination battle against their opponents from FaZe will be a “Heartbreak for the Latvian community”. Only one of the teams will be able to book a ticket for the Legends stage with a 3-0 record.

16:15 | Astralis vs. Godsent | Bo3 | (Stream A) 

Can the Brazilians eliminate gla1ve and co. from the Major?  
Magisk and company from Astralis meet TACO’s GODSENT in a thrilling elimination match to find out who will survive at the Major and send the loser packing. 

16:15 | paiN vs. Sharks | Bo3 | 

Brazilian elimination battle 
Another two teams who will fight in a nail-biting elimination series are paiN and Sharks. Unfortunately, only one of the two Brazilian rosters will survive at the event, with the other leaving empty-handed. 

Here is the schedule for the teams with 1-1 records at the Major in Stockholm:


10:00 | Spirit vs. TYLOO (Stream A)
10:00 | BIG vs. Renegades
11:15 | ENCE vs. MOUZ (Stream A)
11.15 | Movistar Riders vs. Entropiq


News from day one:

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