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“Crazy statement”: sjuush on experts calling for Heroic roster changes

Does YNk and kassad have a point here?

Making a roster change while being ranked the #2 best team in the world may sound a bit weird for some people.

However, that’s actually what Heroic should do if you ask the two experts and analysts Janko "YNk" Paunović and Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović.

Because following Heroic’s disappointing exit at the prestigious IEM Cologne last month, kassad and YNk agreed that the Danish lineup must shake up the roster going forward.

- CS2 is just around the corner and at some point, you have to realize that you gave this lineup all the time they need (…) I think there are some deeper issues with this team and at this point, I feel like the only way they can make it better is to make a roster change, YNk explained.

You can see the short sequence here.

sjuush responds

We have had the opportunity to speak with one of the Heroic players, more precisely, the strong anchor Rasmus “sjuush” Beck to hear his thoughts on the above-mentioned experts’ take about a potential roster move.

- I think it’s a bit of a rough statement because there’s a completely new game coming out as well. I think we have all the stability in the team and like how we want to approach the new game as well. We know how to think CS and how to play CS. Doing a roster change to only get results in CS:GO is… I mean it’s a rough time to do a roster change, so I think it’s a pretty crazy statement, sjuush said to Pley.

If you want to see the full interview with sjuush then you can watch it in the video down below.

Here sjuush also talks about what Heroic’s financial struggles have meant for the team, their expectations for Pro League and more.

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