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[Updated] Silver 1 or Global Elite? See how CS2 ratings compare to CS:GO

Here is everything you need to know about the new and modernized ranking system in Counter-Strike 2.

Counter-Strike 2 has been released and alongside it, we have a new rating system. The old ranking system still exists, but only on each individual map, where you can get a ranking separate from your main rating.

CS2 rating compared to CS:GO

In Premier Matchmaking you will now get a main rating from 0-35,000. The rating is color-coded in the same way as skin-rarity. All ratings have been reset since the release of the full game. Below is a list with our guesses on the CS2 ratings compared to CS:GO ranks. This is still early hours, so these could change along the way.

According to Leetify, the current CS2 ratings are comparable to CS:GO like this (with data from the limited release):

0-1999 (S1-Silver Elite Master)
2000-5999 (Gold Nova 1 - Gold Nova Master)
6000-8999 (Master Guardian 1- Master Guardian Elite)
9000-12999 (Distinguished Master Guardian - Legendary Eagle Master)
13000-14999 (Supreme Master First Class)
15000+ (Global Elite)

But these ratings will for sure change in the future when all players get access to the new game. We have not seen anyone fall below 1000 in rating yet, while there are only a few players above 30,000 rating. In CS:GO it is estimated that 0,75-1% of the players are Global Elites

Here are our predictions of what ratings in the future could be compared to CS:GO.

Grey: 0-4999 (Silver 1 - Silver Elite)
Light Blue: 5000-9999 (Silver Elite Master - Gold Nova 2)
Dark Blue: 10,000-14,999 (Gold Nova 3 - Master Guardian 2)
Purple: 15,000-19,999 (Master Guardian Elite - Distinguished Master Guardian)
Pink: 20,000-24,999 (Legendary Eagle - Legendary Eagle Master)
Red: 25,000-29,999 (Supreme Master First Class)
Yellow: 30,000-35,000 (Global Elite)

CS Rating: A Window to Your Skills

At the heart of Counter-Strike 2's ranking system is the CS Rating. This rating serves as a transparent measurement of your performance within the game, providing a clear indication of where you stand on global and regional leaderboards. It will be exclusive to Premier Mode, and will also include an active pick/ban system of the maps.

Parallel with the above-mentioned Premier Mode, there will be another ranking system that uses the already existing skill group system, but will now work on a per-map basis, meaning that you can have different ranks on each map in the game.  

Who qualifies for the leaderboards?

Counter-Strike 2's leaderboards are an exciting addition for players seeking recognition on a global and regional scale. To be eligible for these prestigious leaderboards, you must hold Prime Status and engage in Premier matches. Prime Status players who prove their mettle and secure a position among the top 1,000 players in the world regions will see their names proudly displayed on the overall world leaderboard. However, players without Prime Status won't have the privilege of appearing on these boards.

CS2 Leaderboard FAQ:

Who is eligible for Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards?

Prime Status players who play Premier matches are eligible for display on public leaderboards when they are among the top 1,000 players in their region.

Players without Prime Status are not eligible for Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards.

How many leaderboards are there?

There are nine Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards:

- Friends - this leaderboard tracks players on your Friends List.

- World - the top 1,000 players in the world.

- Africa

- Asia

- Australia

- China

- Europe

- North America

- South America

What happens after submitting my leaderboard name?

Once your leaderboard name has been submitted it will be reviewed and approved by moderation staff.

If your name is not approved your leaderboard name status will be reset and you will need to submit a new name.

Can I select which regional leaderboard I appear on?

No. Your position on a regional leaderboard is determined by the location of the servers that you play on the most.

What names are not allowed on Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards?

Advertisements of any kind (websites, software, etc.) are not allowed on Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards and moderation staff may deny submissions for a number of reasons.

When submitting a leaderboard name players are expected to follow Steam's Community Avatars & Profile Names guidelines.

Can I change my leaderboard name after it has been approved?

No. Once approved, your leaderboard name is locked for the remainder of the season.


You can also learn more in the YouTube video below.

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