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Bubzkji: This is how you climb on FACEIT

Bubzkji’s insights are a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their game.

Raising your ELO on FACEIT can be a tough challenge for many, but with the right mindset and approach, you can climb the ladder. Bubzkji, the former Astralis player who is currently in the Top 20 of players with the highest ELO in the world on FACEIT, has shared 12 tips on how to climb the ladders on FACEIT. You can find his tips right under the Twitter post here in the article:

1.     Get to know all 7 maps: Understanding each map is crucial, as you may not always have the choice to veto. Being able to play all maps is a plus, as being one trick can hinder your progress.

2.     Understand the importance of utility: Learning how to use utility effectively is underrated. You need to learn meta nades on every map to set your team up for success.

3.     Play to the team’s strengths: We all have a role preference, but there’s a hierarchy. If you have a stronger player on your team, let them play the role they prefer. You can learn from them.

4.     Find good teammates: Duo Q’ing with a teammate who has the same role as you isn’t always optimal, especially in FACEIT Premium. Being able to relocate spots is best.

5.     Entry kills on T side: On FACEIT, people make more mistakes, so take advantage of 5v4/3 situations on T side by playing together with your team.

6.     Create your identity: Focus on what you’re good at. If you’re good at AWPing, research plays on each side and learn from demos.

7. Warm-up routine: Some people need a warm-up to perform optimally before a game. You can play 5-15 mins of ESL HUB before starting.

8.     Maps: You’ll lose games if you play maps you’re not comfortable with. Play retakes, watch pro games, or play it casually before jumping in.

9.     Feel the vibe of the team: Do what the team needs, especially on T side. If nobody calls anything, make some calls.

10.  Pistol rounds: Call a pistol round, it doesn’t need to be perfect. If you win 2/2 pistols in a game, your chances of winning dramatically increase.

11.  Be proactive: Give information and make moves. Baiting in late-round scenarios won’t win rounds, and KDA doesn’t equal wins.

12.  Be positive: Try to give information without sounding frustrated and be nice when you win good rounds. A friendly environment can help your team win.

Overall, Bubzkji’s tips offer valuable insights into how to climb ranks and win ELO on FACEIT. By focusing on improving your skills, learning maps, finding good teammates, and maintaining a positive attitude, you can increase your chances of success on FACEIT.

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