ZywOo: s1mple is the GOAT of CS:GO

We have asked several top-tier Counter-Strike players to pick their CS:GO GOAT, including the inevitable candidate Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut.

Who is the greatest player in the history of CS:GO?

That’s a debate many people in the Counter-Strike scene have an opinion about, and the question seems to divide the masses.  

Some believe it’s the NAVI superstar Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, others think the title belongs to the French phenomenon Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut – or is it actually the four-time Major winner in Nicolai “device” Reedtz? Or a fourth?

"No one is above him"

If you ask ZywOo himself, the answer is obvious.

 -s1mple, obviously, ZywOo said rapidly when Pley.gg asked him the much-discussed question.  

- For me, he’s the GOAT of this game. Why? He’s been playing crazy for about 8-9 years in CS:GO and has just destroyed everyone. He has won a Major and a lot of number one’s (HLTV Top 20 titles). I think overall, he deserves to be the number one – no one is above him.

Could you understand if there was someone who said you were the GOAT of CS:GO?

- Yes and no. Actually, I’m not thinking about being the GOAT or anything. I’m just playing my game and I don’t care in the end if I’m the GOAT or not, ZywOo said.

ZywOo does not hesitate to choose his everlasting rival as the GOAT of CS:GO - Photo credit to BLAST and Stephanie Lindgren

Who do other pro players pick as their GOAT?

At the media day at the ongoing BLAST Premier Spring Groups, we asked several pro players, who they would pick as the GOAT of CS:GO.

Check out down below, what the likes of Nikola “NiKo” Kovac, Emil “Magisk” Reif and Benjamin “BlameF” Bremer has answered.


- For the GOAT of CS:GO, I would go with either s1mple or device. They have been playing so long and been at the top for a very long time. Obviously device has won the most out of everyone – dupreeh is also up there. But I would go between device and s1mple.

- But if I were to pick one, I would pick device. Because I think every player wants to put team achievements over individual ones. And in that case, I think device is the greatest.


- I will always say ZywOo is the greatest player to ever have touched this game. When I see him playing, he’s just above anyone else - the way he’s thinking and how he’s just ahead of everyone. Even though, he’s in a 1v4 and only has a Deagle without kevlar, I would still know he has the opportunity to do it. My dream is to have a player like ZywOo in my team.


- For me, this question is very difficult. It’s a tough one. s1mple has won many achievements and has been such a strong player for many, many, many years, and that’s why I believe he might take the edge over ZywOo.

- He’s simply been there for years, but if ZywOo have had the same amount of years in CS:GO, then ZywOo would have been the GOAT, without a doubt. But overall, I think it’s s1mple.


- device. He has just won the most. Yeah, he’s the GOAT.


- I would say s1mple. Just because of his achievements and how long he’s been dominant in CS:GO. I think it’s quite an obvious answer, s1mple.


- That has to be s1mple. I mean he’s been the best player for so many years, and been outstanding the whole game, I would say. And he has won a Major. 

Comparison between s1mple, device and ZywOo




LANs won








MVPs (Major MVPs)

21 (1)

19 (2)

18 (1)

HLTV Player of the Year




All-time rating in CS:GO




Total maps in CS:GO




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