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Throwback: When coldzera was crowned Major MVP back to back

The Brazilian "coldzera" was unstoppable at Majors in 2016-2017.

With the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 event starting in just nine days, let's look back at one of the best performing players at Major events - you know him as "coldzera". Back in 2016 the two-timed major winner and MVP Marcelo "coldzera" David played for Luminosity Gaming in the first six months of the year, and for SK Gaming in the remaining months.

He played 18 maps at the major, averaging a rating of 1.34 - an absolutely outrageous result by the lurker from Brazil. No one was even near his level, and this is also why he was chosen as the best player in the world in both 2016 and 2017. Not only did "coldzera" break a record, being the first professional player to be crowned the MVP of a Major back to back, he still holds the record to this day.

Best players at the majors |2016

coldzera – 1.34 – 18 maps

device – 1.25 – 13 maps

Edward – 1.24 – 13 maps

NiKo – 1.21 – 9 maps

s1mple – 1.20 – 17 maps

In 2017 at SK Gaming things didn’t slow down for "coldzera", who seems to live for the big stages.

The Brazilian once again proved to be one of the best major players of all time, as he became the best-rated player at the majors two years in a row, with an average rating of 1.32 in 15 maps with SK Gaming.

Once again he managed to outperform the best players in the world at the time and kept proving why he was such a feared individual back in the day.

coldzera – 1.34 – 18 maps

s1mple – 1.20 – 17 maps

AdreN – 1.29 – 18 maps

device – 1.25 – 13 maps

flamie – 1.23 – 10 maps

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