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Watch m0NESY answer internet’s most searched questions about him

The young superstar was Global Elite at 10 years old.

m0NESY is the future of professional Counter-Strike, with his impressive aim and fast reactions placing him as one of the best players in the game at only 17 years old. However, have you wondered whether m0NESY goes to school? or how many hours he has played CS:GO in total? These were some of the questions ESL presented to him in a recent interview where he was set to answer internet's most searched questions about him. Check it out down below.

Does m0NESY go to school?

" I dont go to school, i dont spend time there, i spend all my time in CSGO. I stopped in 9th grade, to sign my first full-time contract. I didn´t spend much time there, f*ck school" - m0NESY said doing the interview.

How many played hours does m0NESY have?

"In dota i have 3.000 hours. But in CSGO i have 16.000 hours. I like to play dota as my secondary game when i dont play CS" - m0NESY said doing the interview.

There are many questions about the young superstar which hasn't been answered yet. One of the questions is just a matter of time before the young star will win first place at HLTV player of the year. With his stats and way of playing at such a young age, the G2 AWPer is at another level despite being only 17 years old.

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