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VP youngster showed up huge! | Top 3 Leaderboards EPL

YEKINDAR has been playing out of this world for some time now - At ESL Pro League it's was no different.

At the start of this month, ESL was back with its 13th season of the prestigious ESL Pro League. A tournament where the best of best inside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, regarding both teams and players, meets in a star-studded Group Stage and a likewise thrilling Playoff Stage.

This year’s EPL Group Stage has now been rounded off, as Group D or the so-called ‘Group of Death’ finished yesterday.

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As earlier mentioned, ESL Pro League features the very elite of Counter-Strike players in the CS:GO scene, who all has given us impeccable CS to watch, presenting stellar plays and dominant performances.

But who has been the best? Who has been the difference-maker for their team?

Down below you can see the stat leaders in various leaderboards throughout all four groups.

Top 3 Leaderboards | ESL Pro League Group Season 13


1. YEKINDAR (Virtus.pro) | 1.33

2. s1mple (NAVI) | 1.32

3. Ax1Le (Gambit) | 1.30

Damage per round

1. YEKINDAR (Virtus.pro) | 95.2

2. s1mple (NAVI) | 87.9

3. huNter- (G2) | 87.7

Clutches (1vsX)

1. es3tag (Cloud9) | 10

2. nawwk (NIP) | 9

3. floppy (Cloud9) | 9

s1mple displaying his insane AWP skills vs MIBR at Group C

Headshot percentage

1. SANJI (Virtus.pro) | 71.6%

2. B1T (NAVI) | 69.4%

3. dycha (ENCE) | 68.8%

Opening kills

1. YEKINDAR (Virtus.pro) | 81

2. arT (FURIA) | 63

3. chelo (MIBR) | 58

Total AWP kills

1. Jame (Virtus.pro) | 179

2. s1mple (NAVI) | 178

3. device (Astralis) | 169

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