Credit: ESL and Stephanie Lindgren

Video: Watch amazing fragmovie with s1mple

The world's best shine bright despite the chaos in his home country!

s1mple struggled during the start of 2022 due to war in his home country. But, despite all the stress and anxiety, s1mple proved that he is the world's best to ever play the game.

The devil himself has in 2022 been playing lights out. However, NAVI found it hard to find success during the big event which has caused NAVI to make some roster chances going forward with this 2023 season.

s1mple averaged 1.25 Rating / 1.32 Impact / 82.9 ADR / 0.83 KPR / 73.6% Kast throughout the entire 2022 season.

Best CS:GO player of all time fragmovie:

Most recent s1mple and co. secured themselves a spot at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals after they took down Complexity in the deciding match.

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