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Video: The Twisted Lore Of CS:GO

Take a deep dive into the lore of CS:GO!

For most people Counter-Strike Global Offensive is about playing with your friends. It is about competing online, and about the professionals fighting on the highest level. But like all other games, there is an actual story behind CS:GO. So what is it?

Content creator 'TDM_Heyzeus' takes you on a journey of what goes on if you dig a little deeper. Who are the terrorists, and what is their goal? Who are the counter-terrorists and who do they work for? Through operations such as Wildfire, Shattered Web, and Broken Fang, the tale is told bit by bit. 'Train' and 'Nuke' play a role in they story while 'Danger Zone' is as sinnister as it sounds.

Watch The Twisted Lore Of CS:GO below.

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