Video: Should you buy M4A4 skins now or wait?

Is it time to invest in some M4A4 skins because of the recent update?

The recent update that was released by Valve made some big changes. While the CS:GO community mostly is focused on the map changes, the changes to the M4A1-S might be the more significant update.

In the new update, the M4A1-S has been nerfed with the range modifier given a 5% reduction, taking it from 0.99 to 0.94. For those who are unaware of what this means, the range modifier is a multiplier on the damage a bullet from the gun deals. So, the higher the range modifier, the less damage falloff over distance.

Last time we saw the M4A1-S getting nerfed, its twin brother’s (M4A4) value in skins spiked on the market. Therefore, a lot of CS:GO are asking themselves if this is the perfect time to invest in some M4A4 skins.

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