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Video: Pro players explains why information is everything in CS:GO

With the right information, the game becomes much easier for both you and your teammates.

When playing professional CS:GO or just playing with your friends on Faceit or Match Making communication is everything. Communication is essential to form strategies and to give information to your teammates. To play CS:GO at the top level you need to become better at giving information to your teammates. It's something you should master if you want to play on the best teams. One of the best things to remember when talking about giving information is to "Keep it short and concise". This means that giving info isn't about how much you can talk, but instead, give precise information and keeping it short.

In the video, you get to hear from some of the best IGLs to ever play the game in tabseN and karrigan from BIG and FaZe respectively. They will talk you through why information is so important for the IGL to make a certain call only based on the information your teammates have given you. You also get an insight into how it works to play in a top CSGO team. What it takes and how much focus you need to put into communicating.

Listen in on the video right here ft. Karrigan and tabseN:

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