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Video: How to be a ninja on Mirage like STYKO

The Apeks professional shows his tips and tricks on how to elevate your game on Mirage

The most played map within the professional Counter-Strike scene is, you guessed it, Mirage. Having been played far more than some of the maps in the official map pool throughout the years it has been active, it has become a map that every professional player will, at some point in their career, need to learn how to play to perfection.

Whilst the professional players are probably all familiar with all the tips and tricks on Mirage, there is no one stopping you from elevating your Mirage game with the help of a professional. In a Youtube video on his own challenge, Apeks player Martin "STYKO" Styk gives you all the tips and tricks needed for you to go full ninja mode the next time you enter the server.

Nothing can be more frustrating than making a clever and sneaky play, only to be hindered by the sound you make whilst edging in on your opponents. Well, it doesn't have to ruin your brilliant lurks and creative executes. Take a look at some of the ways you can maneuver around on Mirage without letting your position be known to every opponent

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