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Video: How to get warm like kennyS

We all know the feeling of playing Counter-Strike when not warmed up - "kennyS" gives his warm-up routine

There is little as frustrating as entering a game of Counter-Strike only to find out that you are not feeling yourself and the shots you attempt are simply not hitting. Whilst warming up is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a must if you are competing at the highest of levels, even the more casual players could quite possibly elevate their own game to new heights by simply just warming up beforehand.

Whilst this might seem like a boring and dull task to warm up it can be very helpful if you wish to see your own gameplay and skill improved, and Counter-Strike and e-sports, in general, are no exception to the rule.

Made in collaboration with Betway esports, the iconic AWP'er "kennyS" gives his tips and tricks on how to warm up in the most efficient and potent way possible. Whether you are more a deathmatch kind of guy or perhaps you like shooting 'bots' as a way of getting yourself warm, "kennyS" has all the need-to-knows for you to elevate your own gameplay with an efficient warmup.

Take a look as "kennyS" takes you through his own warm-up routine and some of the ways you can possibly improve your gameplay at home

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