Video: Five times CS:GO scammers got destroyed

We all hate scammers! So what's better than seeing them get what they deserve?

Skins in CS:GO has been a constant topic of discussion since they got introduced to the game in August, 2013. On one side, Valve is making so much money on selling CS:GO cases, that they have a great interest in keeping the game alive.

But on the other hand, there are a lot of scammers out there trying to scam people out of their items because the market of CS:GO skins is largely unregulated almost without any chance of retrieving your skins once lost.

So watch out there, and be aware of who you are trading with! In the video below made by Youtuber TDM_Heyzeus, you can see some of the scammers that in the end did not get away with it.

Remember to visit our Skins section to learn much more about CS:GO skins, and how you can keep the scammers away.

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