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Video: Can two fans take down apEX and Smooya?

Do regular fans stand a chance against the top-tier CS:GO pros?

Counter-Strike professionals are incredibly skilled and phenomenal at a mechanical level, there is doubt about that. But exactly how good are the top-tier pros of CS:GO? Are they impossible for a regular CS:GO player to kill? RivalryCSGO brought Vitality icon "apEX" and fnatic AWP'er "Smooya" on the server against two regular CS:GO fans to find out exactly how difficult it is to take down the best of the best.

Known for his short temper and incredible passion it is perhaps no surprise that the two Estonian fans brought up a little rage in the French "apEX". Alongside "Smooya" and his always witty personality the two make for an incredibly skilled but also hilarious duo. Take a look as they try to save face against two regular CS:GO fans from Estonia:

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