Credit: Bart Oerbekke ESL

Valve removes the coach role from RMR

Valve has determined that coaches and support staff will no longer be allowed to communicate with players in RMR tournaments.

In the upcoming RMR-tournaments where teams fight for points that will get them qualified for the next Major, coaches will not be allowed to participate with the players anymore.

“During online matches only players are allowed in the room and on the server. Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match.”


Valve’s new rules come as a reaction after some coaches exploited the coaching bug. The coaches who will be banned from participating in the Majors is determined by a scaling table. If six or more demerit points are reached, a coach will be permanently banned from Majors.

Many coaches and experts aren’t happy with Valves decision.

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