Valve release CS2 for "as many eligible players as possible"

In the new update, Inferno has received a major overhaul while the MR12 system has been introduced.

Happy CS2 day! The much-anticipated successor to CS:GO was released to a much larger audience in the morning hours of the 1st of September. The soft launch of the game could indicate, that we are only weeks away from a full release of the game.

Are you one of the many that have not been able to play CS2? Now is perhaps the time to check again.

- Beginning today, we are starting the process of inviting as many eligible players as possible to the Limited Test. To be eligible, players must have CS:GO Prime Status, an active Competitive Skill Group, and play the majority of their official matchmaking games in one of the regions where the Limited Test is available, Valve states in their post on Twitter/X.

Valve also introduced a new rating system for competitive game modes in CS2. Your rating is now dependent on each different map, where you can have different ratings. Valve also confirmed the use of MR12 as the new round number for Majors in the future. MR12 means that each half lasts 12 rounds and that we will now have shorter matches in CS2. It's now first to 13-round wins instead of 16. The change was leaked a couple of weeks ago in the coding of the game, and will most likely be implemented in all tournaments in the future.

Inferno with a huge upgrade

The classic map was the last of the maps in the competitive map pool to be released for CS2. You can see the new beautiful map down below, which has been placed in the category of "Overhaul" by Valve, which means that the map has been reworked and adjusted to CS2.

You can read all the release notes here:

Release Notes for 8/31/2023


  • Added Premier mode

  • Added a visible CS Rating and CS2 Leaderboards. For more information visit the CS2 Leaderboard FAQ

  • Added CSTV for spectating Premier matches


  • Fixed a case where grenade throw sounds would play twice

  • Added music preview button to music volume sliders

  • Various adjustments to sound effects


  • Added Paint Kit enhancements to CS2 Item Editor. Paint Kit finishes can now support:

[ MAPS ]

  • Added Inferno to all available game modes

  • Various bug fixes and tweaks for all shipped maps

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed a bug with hostage rescue prediction

  • Enabled first-person shadow for carried hostages

  • Fixed water effects showing in the wrong place when a bullet hit the water after penetration

  • Various fixes for weapon finishes

  • Replaced "Secondary Fire Hold" setting with "Zoom Button Hold"

  • Fixed "Disable all voice comms" button in scoreboard

  • "Temporarily Disable Incoming Chat" now mutes voice chat

  • Various CS:GO settings will be imported when launching the CS2 Limited Test

  • Fixed a case of inconsistent crouching with Duck Mode: Toggle enabled

  • Updated the invulnerability visual effect

  • Adjusted 'svinfiniteammo 2' grenade behavior to match CS:GO

  • Desert Eagle third-person muzzle flash smoke now dissipates faster

  • Continued iterating on smoke shape

  • Adjusted Competitive mode match length to 12-round halves

  • [ CS:GO ]

  • Recent ranked matches in "Your Matches" menu will now show Competitive, Wingman, and Premier matches


  • Access to match history granted to third-party websites will now cover Competitive, Wingman, and Premier matches

  • GetNextMatchSharingCode API used by third-party websites must now supply a match sharing code that is no more than 1 month old to obtain the next match sharing code.

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