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Valve plans two Majors for 2022

According to HLTV, the game developer has informed tournament organizers of their plan.

Good news! We have all missed the Majors in CS:GO. At August we reach the two-year mark since the last Major event took place in Berlin.

Since then Covid-19 has disrupted the whole world including the CS:GO tournament calender. Luckily we have now reached a stage, where Valve seems to keen on making plans for the next couple of years.

According to HLTV, tournament organizers have been informed of Vavle's intentions and have been given a deadline until the end of June to give their proposals to organize Majors in 2022.

Valve has targeted late May 2022 and early November 2022 for the two tournaments.

You can read the whole report from HLTV in the link below.


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