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Valve announce change in RMR system ahead of BLAST Paris

A new system for Regional Major Rankings.

Valve has changed the Major qualifying system ahead of the BLAST Paris Major which will take place in 2023. A new closed qualifier step and regional ranking will be the new system in the 2023 Paris Major. The Asia RMR will have eight instead of four teams competing for a spot at the Major.

Valve said back in late November that they would change the RMR system after they concluded that the IEM Rio Major RMR system was not optimal. Previously you needed to qualify for the RMRs by playing in world open qualifiers. The new system will help several teams to now start their journey from a better standpoint so they don't need to fight in unpredictable online games against other teams from around the world.

"The closed qualifier format will follow the RMR format for the corresponding number of teams. The number of participating regional teams will be, at minimum, twice the number of teams who will advance to the RMR" - Valve

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