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Train: Classic and iconic

The official factions for Train are SEAL Team 6 and the Balkans.


An industrial train yard located somewhere in Eastern Europe. On May 3rd 2021 Valve spiced up the scene ahead of the Stockholm Major by removing Train from the Active Duty Map Pool, replacing it with Ancient. 

Train is another of the classic and iconic Counter-Strike maps that has been around throughout the franchise, originally created by Christopher Mair back in 2009. The current version of Train shares a few similarities with the older ones, but is for the most part, entirely different. The original version of the map used in CS:GO was also altered by Valve in 2014 and was officially added back into the Active Duty Map Pool a year later.

Valve decided to cut Train from the Active Duty Map Pool after six long years, replacing it with the new map Ancient. The map Train has managed to garner a loyal fanbase, thanks to its extensive history in Counter-Strike over the years.

Train’s incredibly long sighlines make the map an AWP playground that is heavily CT-sided.

Historical plays

Train has been the home of some of the most insane plays and most exciting competitive matches we’ve seen in CS:GO. Though the map was not the most popular on the all-time list, it’s tactical and complicated nature led to some incredible highlight moments.

Watch some of the best Major plays on Train right here:

Summit1g Molotov - The worst play of the decade?

A play that happened on Train and that is definitely worth mentioning is Summit1g’s infamous gaffe against CLG while playing for Splyce.

Summit1g and the rest of his team met CLG on Train at DreamHack Austin 2016 in an early matchup. The scoreline was 15-11, when Summit1g managed to win a 1v1 situation on map point but unfortunately lost the round by making one of the most memorable mistakes in Counter-Strike history.

Before Summit1g killed his opponent, he threw a Molotov in between the bomb trains to pressure the enemy into his aim. As Summit1g was on his way towards the bomb for the defuse, he looked up at the crowd and his teammates in celebration. But that didn’t last long. Summit1g was left with only half of his remaining HP after the intense firefight and as he headed for the defuse, he ran trough his own Molotov on the way. That resulted in him incinerating both himself and Splyce’s chance to close out the map. The world watched as a meme was born and CLG eventually came back to win the map in OT before wrapping up the series on the next map.

Watch the Summit1g Molotov right here:  

All-time best player stats

1.     s1mple | 144 Maps | 3789 Rounds | +1014 K-D Diff | 1.43 K/D | 1.30 Rating

2.     device | 168 Maps | 4454 Rounds | +800 K-D Diff | 1.29 K/D | 1.18 Rating

3.     CeRq | 95 Maps | 2567 Rounds | +385 K-D Diff | 1.24 K/D | 1.15 Rating

4.     FalleN | 162 Maps | 4196 Rounds | +628 K-D Diff | 1.25 K/D | 1.14 Rating

5.     Brehze | 97 Maps | 2636 Rounds | +318 K-D Diff | 1.19 K/D | 1.13 Rating

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