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Today in CS:GO – Monday 10/5 – 2021

The Flashpoint 3 event begins today!

With the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 event concluded and NAVI crowned as the champions of the tournament, it’s time for yet another prestigious event!

Today, Flashpoint 3 kicks-off with two exciting matchups. In the first matchup of the day, we have a French derby where Vitality takes upon NBK- and company from DBL PONEY. A few hours later, gla1ve’s troops from Astralis will face off against OG.

Daily schedule:

Flashpoint 3

18:00: Vitality – DBL PONEY

21:00: Astralis – OG

BLAST Rising 2021

12:00: CPH Flames – Nexus

15:00: Apeks – OFFSET

18:00: Group D winners’ match

Spring Sweet Spring 2 Regionals

09:00: Tricked – NASR

09:00: 1WIN – EC Brugge

12:00: Group A winners’ match

12:00: Group A elimination match

15:00: Sangal – 4glory

15:00: Fiend – Infinite

18:00: Group B winners’ match

18:00: Group B elimination match

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