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Today in CS:GO - Friday 22/4 - 2022

It's the second day of Group B of the European RMR tournament. Who will make it through?

Yesterday started with two big upsets, as G2 and Entropiq came out emptyhanded after their first match at the European Group B RMR tournament. Both teams later recovered and won their second match to make their total score 1-1. Today they will once again play the first matches of the day. Will there be another upset?

Later today Players vs Astralis, and NIP vs Copenhagen Flames fight for a Legend spot at the Major, while Sangal, Sprout, ASG, and Endpoint all face elimination, if they lose their next match.

Today's schedule:

11.00: Bad News Eagles - G2
11.00: Anonymo - Entropiq
12.15: ENCE - HEET
12.15: SINNERS - Spirit
13.30: Players - Astralis
13.30: ASG - Sangal
17.15: NIP - Copenhagen Flames
17.15: Sprout - Endpoint

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