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TeSeS on NiKo: He hit some shots no other player would

In a post-match interview, the Heroic rifler touches on how it was to play against a NiKo in top form and their overall Major event.

The highlight player from the first semifinal at the PGL Major between Heroic and G2 ended up being the Bosnian superstar Nikola “NiKo” Kovac. The powerful rifler was firing on all cylinders tonight and managed to dismantle the Danes round after round, map after map, which in the end secured G2 an impressive 2-1 win.

NiKo vs Heroic | PGL Stockholm Major Semifinal

Overall: 1.48 Rating / 81-53 K-D / 101.2 ADR

Nuke (Map 1): 1.55 Rating / 25-18 K-D / 106.1 ADR

Mirage (Map 2): 1.57 Rating / 24-15 K-D / 105.8 ADR

Inferno (Map 3): 1.35 Rating / 32-20 K-D / 93.6 ADR

"NiKo hit some shots, no other play would"

After the thrilling matchup, we spoke with Heroic’s Rene “TeSeS” Madsen, where we asked him how it was playing against a NiKo in top form.

- NiKo hit some shots, no other play would hit – but we were ready for that before the game. We couldn’t let that take over our focus, so I would say that we didn’t think to much about it. They all played well I think, they did a great job, TeSeS said to and continued to talk about what this Major debut means for him and Heroic.

- Top 4 in my first Major tournament is something I’m really proud of and there are many more to come for this team, and I can’t wait to play the next one. I know we will progress and continue to build on this foundation. I believe that someday we will be the greatest.

Watch the full post-match interview with TeSeS and his teammate sjuush in the video below.

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