Credit: Lynn Vision

Starry finish 1vs5 clutch with knife kill against G2!

An insane round of Counter-Strike was played by Lynn Vision's Starry against G2.

LiZhi "Starry" Ye delivered one of the moments, that we will probably always remember at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

The Lynn Vision rifler was left alone against the entire G2 roster in the pistol round of the second half on Vertigo. Here the Chinese player started by taking care of three of the G2 players. The two rotating players were reduced to one, as LiZhi "Starry" Ye took down another player at the A-site, before moving on to the B-site to plant the bomb. Here Nemanja "nexa" Isaković tried to defuse the bomb in the hiding in the smoke. But Starry managed to kill the G2 in-game leader 0.05 seconds before the defuse was completed with his knife. A truly spectacular moment.

Watch the whole round here.

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