Skins: Trader puts rare StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan for sale at $194.000

The owner claims it to be the rarest AK-47 Vulcan skin in the world due to its float value.

An Arab CS:GO trader and collector who goes by the name of Lunar has listed a rare StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan skin with extremely low float (0.00035) at 1,250,000 CNY, which is roughly about $194,000 USD. The AK-47 Vulcan skin also has four rare and beautiful Titan Holo stickers added to it. All of this together combined is what raises the skin’s price to such a ridiculous number.

Lunar claims it to be the best AK-47 Vulcan skin in the world, as it apparently has the lowest float value among those that are currently listed on the market for sale. The following image was shared by the owner as proof:

The Arabian CS:GO trader and collector also requested for the trade to take place in crypto, in case anyone wants to buy it from him.

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