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shroud: CS:GO looks like a joke compared to Valorant

The North American icon compared the two games in a recent stream.

Michael "shroud" Grzesiek was once one of the most popular and profiled Counter-Strike players in the world. However after retiring from CS:GO back in 2018, the Canadian icon has switched over to the rival FPS shooter Valorant.

In a recent stream on his Twitch channel, shroud discussed the two games where he compared them and their difficulty.

This game [Valorant] is hard. CS:GO looks like a joke compared to Valorant, I’m telling you. There’s no like sugarcoating or anything, it’s just hard. But I wonder if it’s hard because everyone is so good, and if everyone is so good because the game is arguably easier [than CS:GO]. It keeps the competition high, shroud said on stream.

shroud quickly became a fan favorite in the CS:GO community due to his charismatic persona and incredible individual level of the game. He played a major part of the popular Cloud9 roster, which he represented from 2014 to 2018.

Here shroud won prestigious tournaments like ESL Pro League Season 4 and iBUYPOWER Cup. After his retirement from CS:GO, he turned into one of the most popular and successful streamers in the world before joining the professional Valorant team Sentinels earlier this month.

You can watch the following video to get a better insight into shroud and his story.

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