See what MM ranks each region had before Valve's update

The graph for NA shows some of the problems that matchmaking in the region experienced before the recalibration.

Yesterday Valve released a new update to CS:GO. Here the game developer had to reset all ranks for every CS:GO player to recalibrate the ranking system.

But why was it necessary for Valve to do this? When looking at the matchmaking rank distributions of each region, there have clearly been some unfortunate tendencies, that have been damaging to the gaming experience. North America is a good example, as Leetify points out in a series of tweets, where it is evident, that a lot of players in this region have been stuck in Silver 2.

Another part of the world that has been unbalanced is the Oceanic region. Here the graph shows that way too many players have been placed in the Silver category, while it has almost been impossible to above Master Guardian Elite.

A much more balanced curve is showing in the European region, where most players are ranked Gold Nova Master and Master Guardian 1.

You can read more about the ranks and get to know how you can climb even faster right here.

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