Credit: StarLadder Igor Bezborodov

Pley of the Day: "I couldn't see sh*t!" - Fully blind FAMAS ace on Inferno

This ACE is, without doubt, one of the most ridiculous plays you'll see in a while.

We have all tried it, and it's just the worse! Either because of a stupid teammate or a smart opponent. - I am, of course, talking about being fully blinded by a perfect flashbang.

Being hit by a perfect flashbang in Counter-Strike is one of the worst situations in the game, with your screen being totally white and it feels like forever before you get your visuals back. Something that always ends in a catastrophe - or not ALWAYS.

This non-pro CS:GO player called Coxsmith delivered a true miracle while being flashed outside of apartments on Inferno. With a full spray from his FAMAS, he manages to get all five enemies, while his screen is completely white. Enjoy the epic mow down right here:

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