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Credit: Bart Oerbekke ESL

Player of the day: Nikola "NiKo" Kovač

The Bosnian superstar takes the spot for player of the day!

When picking a player of the day for the penultimate day of the PGL Major 2021 in Stockholm there was really only two considerations, "s1mple" and "NiKo". Whilst "s1mple" had a phenomenal Bo3-series against Gambit, what "NiKo" provided for his team in dire moments was unearthly. Managing to keep calm and lead his team when things looked dire, as well as providing huge numbers on the leaderboard himself, today's performance from "NiKo" is a reminder that he is without any doubt one of the most talented players within the scene. Despite facing a challenging Heroic roster he managed to best everyone on the server on all three maps.

Him securing an average rating of 1.48 throughout all three maps was yet another reminder that when on fire he is one of the deadliest out there. Not only did he prove his ability to remain calm and hit shots, but also how versatile he is and how valuable in various ways he can be for his team. No matter what weaponry he carried, he would always seem to find a way of impacting even the toughest of rounds.

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