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peacemaker: I would love to work with Brazilian players

The former MAD Lions coach is currently evaluating his options and spoke with HLTV.org about his future plans.

Earlier this month Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu issued a statement where he gave an update on his current situation following his departure from MAD Lions. The Brazilian stated that his goal is to “continue as a head coach”, but that he is also interested in building up a team from the scratch in a new organization or joining an established one. 

[link:{"url":"https://pley.gg/news/brazilian-coach-open-offers/","text":"Read more: Brazilian coach open to offers"}]

In an interview with HLTV.org, peacemaker shed more light on his interest in building a new team and from what country he would pick his players. 

“I would love to work with Brazilian players, and one of my ambitions for the future is to work with a Brazilian team. It’s where I came from and I didn’t stay in the scene as much as I would have liked. But in the current scenario, the majority of Brazilian players are under contract, and you also have the language barrier, which is an issue. For example, if you’re building an international team with Brazilian players, you will need people who speak English well, almost fluently, otherwise, it won’t work out. And right now, I think fer is the only player available who speaks English very well, so I would definitely consider signing him for an international team. But this international project wouldn’t have more than one or two Brazilians” 

You can read peacemaker’s full interview with HLTV right here: 


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