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Over 200 professionals have left the CS:GO scene in 2020

Notable players as the one-tap maestro ScreaM and the CS:GO prodigy swag have decided to retire from CS this year.

2020 have been a hectic and a very uncommon year for the entire CS:GO world. Covid-19 has altered the community, turning everything upside down by dividing players, teams, and fans in this ‘Online Era’. The consequences from the global pandemic have alongside the rise of Valorant, a rival game first-person shooter game, had a huge impact on the global scene, and maybe a much more serious one than first expected.

According to a report by @ImThour, has over 200 professional CS:GO players retired this year itself. A very disturbing number if you look at the previous years, where you can see that there haven’t been over 50 in one sole year – in fact 2020 have more retirements than the last 5 years combined.


Many of the retired players have left CS:GO to follow a career in Valorant, a scene which have grown rapidly and attracted a lot of pros. It’s especially players from the North American region who has decided to join Riot’s new game, which have resulted in a dying NA Counter-Strike scene, only having Liquid and Evil Geniuses as real contenders.

Notable players who have retired from CS:GO in 2020:

NA players

Swag – TenZ – ShahZaM – Zellsis – freakazoid – dapr - jdm64 – hazed – Hiko - nitr0 – steel - s0m - ryann

EU Players

xms- loWel- ScreaM- ANGE1 – SmithZz – freddieb

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