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Nuke: One of Counter-Strike's most iconic and enduring maps

The official factions for Nuke are the FBI and the Phoenix.


Nuke is located to little surprise at a nuclear power plant. The map has also been a part of the game since 1999. Nuke got a massive update back in 2016 to transform it into the current iteration.

Nuke was originally created by Jo Bieg and was added to Counter-Strike in 1999 after the rights to the map were bought by Valve creators. The map Nuke has been changed many times over the course of the various different games, although the layout has remained nearly the same. Nuke is known for its difficult T-side that is hard to play, but has still remained one of the most popular maps.

The map was removed from the Active Duty Map Pool in 2015 and was not added back into the game until a year after in 2016. The revamped version is entirely different graphically, but almost the same gameplay-wise, which left many players and fans disappointed.

Iconic spots

“Ramp” on Nuke is one of the most famous and well-known locations in Counter-Strike. The ramp is one of the passageways that T’s often will try to explore and is a crucial part of the map. If CT’s lose control of it, it can be very difficult for teammates to retake the position. Therefore, it is vital for players that they get the most out of it and either stop, get an early frag or fall back with the information. Often players will have to cover this position by themselves, and always need to have an escape plan ready.

If Terrorists manage to get Ramp control, they can either gain access to the B-bombsite or even to Hell and, consequently, flank the CT’s defending A site. This is also one of the reasons why the map is such a teamwork-depending map, as rotations and flanks are bound to happen really fast.  All in all, Ramp is one of the most important spots to have control of, just like Outside.

Historical plays

Nuke is an essential part of Counter-Strike history and the map has contributed a lot of plays to the scene. Take a look at the most historical plays of all time from A-site and Outside, B-site and Ramp, and even some certified classic plays from 1.6.

All-time best player stats


s1mple | 154 Maps | 4049 Rounds | +1009 K-D Diff | 1.39 K/D | 1.30 Rating


ZywOo | 131 Maps | 3432 Rounds | +736 K-D Diff | 1.35 K/D | 1.29 Rating


device | 167 Maps | 4213 Rounds | +779 K-D Diff | 1.30 K/D | 1.24 Rating


KSCERATO | 119 Maps | 3191 Rounds | +578 K-D Diff | 1.31 K/D | 1.23 Rating


blameF | 105 Maps | 2825 Rounds | +444 K-D Diff | 1.26 K/D | 1.21 Rating


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