What new esports bettors should know: how does it compare to traditional sports betting?

As esports continues to gain popularity within the gaming industry, many fans are exploring wagering options in order to support their favorite teams.

For esports players and fans who want to start wagering but are just getting started, understanding how esports betting compares to traditional sports betting is key to long-term success and a positive experience. 

With esports and traditional sports global appeal, bettors from all around the world log on to betting sites to place their wagers. However, sports betting is not yet allowed in all regions, so many fans opt to use international offshore sites. The top offshore sportsbooks are usually licensed and registered in countries with more lenient gambling laws but are still accessible to players all around the world. 

In this guide, we’ll review how esports betting stacks up against traditional sports betting and what new esports bettors should know before placing their first wager, no matter which site they’re using to place their bets.

Understanding the Games

One of the main differences between traditional sports betting and esports betting is what punters are wagering on. In traditional sports betting, wagers are placed on games like football, basketball, and tennis. However, in esports, wagers are placed on video games that are played competitively. Popular titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Dota 2, and League of Legends are all common games to bet on.

Each game in esports has its own unique game rules, and bettors should be aware of those before wagering. For example, CS: GO is a first-person shoot game with the overall objective of beating the opposing team. Key traits that can make or break a CS: GO team are teamwork and communication, so before wagering, new bettors should review and research teams and choose accordingly based on skill level and also how well the team performs when working together. No matter what game esports bettors choose to wager on, a solid understanding of the game and its rules before placing a bet is always a wise idea. 

Diversity of Betting Markets

Esports offers a variety of different betting markets, allowing fans and players to wager on various parts of each game from match winner and map winner to more unique options like first blood, total kill, and bets based upon player performance. Traditional sports betting also has a variety of markets to bet on, but they differ greatly from esports betting markets. Traditional sports betting markets focus primarily on match winners, scores, and game totals. For example, a bettor can wager that a football game will end with a total score of 0 to 5 points, whereas an esports bettor can wager that a certain player or team will draw first blood or make the first kill. 

For new bettors just getting into esports wagering, it’s smart to learn about the different betting markets available before jumping in. Different games may offer different betting markets, and new bettors should experiment by placing small bets on different games and different markets to gain experience. 

Player and Team Analysis

In esports betting, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of players and teams is vital to making smart decisions and placing informed wagers. This takes effort and dedication on the part of esports bettors because esports player stats are not widely available. This is different from traditional sports, where punters can easily access sports data, game history, and information about professional players online. 

New esports bettors should invest time in researching players and teams and analyzing past performance. By acquiring a solid understanding of each player and team, bettors will set themselves up for success in the long run. For example, knowing that [link:{"url":"https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Dev1ce","isNewTab":true,"text":"Nicolai \"Dev1ce\" Reedtz"}] has been a 19-time MVP of OC: GO may change the way an esports bettor wagers for or against the champ. 

In-Game Factors and Dynamics

Esports betting is different from traditional sports betting because of its in-game factors. While traditional sports include in-game factors like player injuries or red cards from the ref, esports games include factors like game patches, map selections, player roles, and team strategies. All of these things can significantly impact the results of a game and the betting odds. 

New esports bettors should consider these in-game factors when assessing match-ups and making predictions on games. 

Live Betting Opportunities

Esports and traditional sports betting are similar in that they both typically offer live betting opportunities. Live betting is when sports fans are able to wager on a game as it’s unfolding in front of them. Betting during a game is exciting for both esports fans and traditional sports fans, as it adds an extra layer of excitement to each match-up. Similarly, both options offer online betting options and even crypto betting options. 

Before placing a bet during an esports tournament, esports fans should consider the betting markets available and ensure that they’ve completed ample research on the players and teams competing. 

Community Engagement

Another way that esports betting is similar to traditional sports betting is that it brings sports fans and communities together. New bettors should seek out esports communities online and connect with other esports fans. By doing this, new bettors will be able to interact with fellow enthusiasts, share information and exchange betting tips for upcoming tournaments. 

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