The most popular genres of free online games

The free-to-play mechanic, which has long proven itself in online desktop games, has become widespread on desktop and mobile platforms over the past year.

According to statistics, it is free games with the possibility of purchasing additional in-game content that bring the greatest profit to gaming companies.

All free games can be classified by style and by the number of players who can directly participate in the gameplay. It is still not possible to classify gaming media products by genre of online games. Games do not have a clear systematization, according to which a certain toy can be unambiguously classified into a certain genre. Different sources may mention completely different data regarding the same game. But, despite all this, there is still a consensus that all game developers for PCs, consoles and phones have been able to reach over many years. Thanks to that, you can clearly determine what genre it belongs to. Popular genres of the gaming world are: shooter like Call Of Duty, racing, strategy, social casino like Gambino Slot, RPG, MMO, simulator, MMORTS, MMORPG, online casinos,  role-playing game, quest, logic and space games.

Let's talk about Shooters

There are many reasons for the wide popularity of Shooters. First of all it is three dimensional space, which allows the main character an ability to move freely. So the player controls him from different angles, mainly from the first person. Basically, in this genre of online games, all locations and levels are in the format of a limited labyrinth. 

Nowadays shooters involve not only shoot and move mechanics but also many other engaging activities. For example, in Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie mod you can play slots which will give you many bonus features. This mechanic makes gameplay more engaging and immersive. 

Looter Shooters

Unlike the other more traditional genres listed in this article, the concept of looter shooters is fairly new and still in its infancy. Consequently, the genre's defining features are somewhat flexible, as there is no clear consensus on what constitutes a true looter shooter.

Obviously, games in this category are primarily first- or third-person shooters, where the gameplay and player progression are in every possible way tied to obtaining more and more cool weapons, equipment or abilities. There's a parallel to be drawn with MMOs or grinders like Diablo and Path of Exile, where the goal of most players isn't to reach any endgame or kill the most monsters, but to build the most impressive set possible for their character. There is an element of the gambling there too. Sometimes it involves casino bonuses and slot associated mechanics as in the Borderland series. If you are looking for something like that, we highly recommend trying Destiny 2 or Warframe.

Speaking of Online Casinos

We should not underestimate slots online. There are billions of people who are deeply in love with playing slots. First of all, it is kinda where all of the computer gaming started.The first gaming devices were invented in 1880 and basically were the first arcade machines either! These slot machines were based on the card game of poker and had five reels and fifty playing cards. The player put a coin into the machine, pulled the handle and watched the reels spin. The “payout” system was non-standard: in case of victory, the player approached the bartender and took a mug of beer or a cigar as a prize. So, they were kinda free-to-play!

Nowadays there are totally free, safe and secure gambling sites. This genre of games is called social casino. We will take Gambino Slot as an example. The main difference between a social casino, which Gambino Slot is, and a traditional one is that it is intended only for entertainment. During the game, you do not bet real money and also cannot win it. However, it is still possible to win prizes in a social game. These may be additional spins, moves and other bonuses. People play slots online every day, and waste much money in it. Therefore, social casinos are a great alternative.

Slasher that beat em up! 

They are brothers but not twins!l And quite popular genres, which, in fact, are distinguished by only one nuance. In beatemups, the player's task is to hit people in hand-to-hand combat. Many will probably remember classics like Double Dragon on Dandy. And in slasher films you need to cut down enemies with weapons - like Dante does in the Devil May Cry series. But this distinction is very conditional. Any beat-em-up can be called a slasher, and vice versa. In the end, Golden Ax, familiar to many from childhood, from Shogi is considered a beat-em-up, and you have to fight there with melee weapons. But you can keep in mind another nuance: today, three-dimensional games of the genre are most often called slashers, and two-dimensional “classic” games are called beat-em-ups. There are hundreds of free games on the market, but we really recommend trying Shattered Realms and the Liar.

The most casual free-to-play game

Once the most widespread genre, which gave us many wonderful and still living series - from Super Mario Bros. to Crash Bandicoot. The essence of platforming is jumping: the main character must jump on different platforms to overcome obstacles - it’s that simple.

Initially, platformers were exclusively two-dimensional, but in the era of the PlayStation 1 they made good use of the third dimension. Today, 2D and 3D platformers coexist and develop in parallel - and some games, like the Little Nightmares series, mix these approaches. Given the simple “rules” of the genre, platforming elements can be found in games of many other genres. And importantly, among platformers there are a lot of bright cartoon games suitable for children. Looking for a free one? Enjoy Fall Guys with friends and  hadcore Cuphead : Game And Watch Edition.


While there are thousands of free games online, you can always choose the genre you want. The internet is a great space to fulfill your desire to control your life, so do that in making the right choice. It doesn't matter if you will enjoy the night spinning reels in online slots or killing zombies in shooter games. Have fun!

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