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Market Watch: Antwerp Capsules on the rise

Some of the capsules have risen above 60% during the last 30 days!

Investing in CS:GO items has been a wild ride through the times with big swings.

Lately, the hype has been about the weapon cases, where investors have been able to cash in huge profits. You can see the dramatic development of the prices in this video.

The hype is also ongoing at the stickers market surrounding the capsules from the Majors. While the PGL Stockholm capsules have found a stable price, both PGL Antwerp and IEM Rio capsules have seen a dramatic rise lately.

Here is an overview of the Antwerp Capsules during the last 30 days.

The picture originates from the site

At the site, you can also see, that the Rio Contenders Sticker Capsule has risen 71%! during the last 30 days. While the Antwerp stickers have been praised for their design, the Rio stickers experienced little to no hype, which can be seen in the number of capsules set for sale.

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