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What maps do cheaters play before getting VAC banned?

Take a look at which maps are being played most by banned accounts in CS:GO.

It’s fair to say that CS:GO is not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, just like many other FPS games aren’t.

CS:GO has its issues, from agent hitboxes, to smurfing, to toxicity. But none of these issues stack up to the game’s biggest problem. Cheating. But the scope of Counter-Strike’s cheating problem doesn’t just affect casual players who play for fun, it also has a big impact on top levels of competition.

Here are some data from 5.4 million matches processed by Leetify in July 2022:

(The sorting on the image is “left to right” instead of “top to bottom”)

As you can see, of every 10.000 players on Mirage, 81 were convicted cheaters. While on Ancient, only 35 out of every 10.000 players got VAC banned by Valve.

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