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Lord Bendtner: Fun to shoot s1mple on the server

The former football player Nicklas Bendtner enjoyed his time during the BLAST Premier Fall Final Showmatch.

Former Arsenal player and owner of the CS:GO Prosapia Esport, Nicklas Bendtner came to rescue Team Denmark in the second half of the BLAST Premier Fall Final Showmatch.

On the other team were some of the best CS:GO players in the world such as s1mple, YEKINDAR, m0NESY, but the former football player still managed to get some kills to his name.

In a post-match interview with Dust2, Nicklas Bendtner talked about how difficult it was to play against pro players, and also how the first season for his team went in the Danish CS:GO POWER Liga.

- It was really fun to take down s1mple one or two times on the server. I liked the concept of the match and it was very enjoyable to sit up there and play against some of the best players in the world.

When asked about if it was more difficult to score against Liverpool than playing against pro Counter-Strike players, the Dane was quick to answer without any hesitations that playing against pro CS players was more difficult.

- Playing against professional Counter-Strike players was more difficult. I also have some friends who are top-tier players in Counter-Strike, and when we’re playing together there’s no doubt that I’m getting carried. You simply can’t compare their level to where either I or hobby players are.

You can watch the full interview with Dust2 and Nicklas Bendtner right here.

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