Credit: ESL IEM Katowice

Live: Vitality vs OG – FaZe vs Liquid

It’s time for more bangers at IEM Katowice!

With their new addition, FaZe have had Liquid’s number all week with Twistzz beating his former squad 2-0 twice. Now they’re both set to clash at IEM Katowice! The FaZe line-up has only had 3 days of practice before jumping into the first official with their new IGL in karrigan.

Map veto:
Mirage (Liquid)
Nuke (FaZe)
Inferno (Decider)

On the other stream, the Frenchmen are going into the server with their captain back on the roster after a short break due to personal issues. Vitality will do everything in their power to win their opening match as they hope to return to form at the biggest tournament of 2021 yet. But will they be able to take down NBK and company from OG?

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Map veto:
Dust2 (OG
Nuke (Vitality)
Overpass (Decider)

Watch the games live here:

FaZe – Liquid

Vitality – OG

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