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Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson


More top-tier CS:GO is on the cards with the IEM Fall EU event is about to go live!

IEM Fall EU | Schedule (Bo1 matches)

19.00 (CEST):

Complexity - Astralis (A-Stream)

Heroic - Endpoint (C-Stream)

Sinners - Movistar Riders (B-Stream)

20.15 (CEST):

Vitality - ENCE (A-Stream)

MAD Lions - Sprout (B-Stream)

Dignitas - OG (C-Stream)

21.30 (CEST):

fnatic - NiP (A-Stream)

FaZe - SKADE (B-Stream)

DBL PONEY - Fiend (C-Stream)

22.45 (CEST):

G2 - FunPlus Phoenix (A-Stream)

mousesports - Copenhagen Flames (B-Stream)

BIG - AURA (C-Stream)

Stream A:

Stream B:

Stream C:

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