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Live: IEM Cologne Grand Final - FaZe vs. NAVI

Who will lift the trophy in Cologne?

It's time. The Grand Final of IEM Cologne is finally here, and true to the world rankings, it is the two best teams in the world who will be taking the stage. The most successful team this year in FaZe will be taking on 's1mple's NAVI.

The last time the two met was at the BLAST Premier Spring Final. It looked to be a banger of a quarter-final, but the expectations were not met as NAVI completely crushed 'karrigan' and co. With the digits, 16-6 and 16-1 FaZe was sent home from Lisbon. Can FaZe get their revenge on the CIS squad? Or will NAVI continue dominating everything in sight?

You can watch the entire Grand Final below.

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