Live: Closed Qualifiers IEM Brazil Day 2

Check out today's matches at the IEM Brazil Closed Qualifiers.

The IEM Brazil Closed Qualifiers day 2 is live with action from 15:30 (CET).

The participating teams in the IEM Brazil Closed Qualifiers include ENCE, HONORIS, HEET, Bad News Eagles, Sprout, 9INE, Monte, and BIG. Today’s matches will feature ENCE vs. Monte, HEET vs. BIG, HONORIS vs. 9INE, and Lower Bracket Final.

After the winners and losers are found, the Lower Bracket Final will continue at 20:00 (CET).

This year’s IEM Brazil Closed Qualifiers is highly competitive, with many talented teams vying for a spot at the main event.

IEM Brazil 2023 Closed Qualifiers

Today’s schedule:

15:30 (CET) | MONTE vs. ENCE
15:30 (CET) | HEET vs. BIG
20:00 (CET) | 9INE vs. HONORIS
20:00 (CET) | Lower Bracket Final

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