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karrigan: I think we’ll see more Danish players going international

In an interview with Blix.gg, FaZe Clan’s captain spoke about the Danish Counter-Strike scene. Find out what he had to say.

karrigan and company are currently to be found in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the BLAST Premier Fall Final event is being played. After FaZe Clan’s 2-0 opening victory over OG, Blix.gg caught up with the Danish captain for a talk about the Danish Counter-Strike scene.

As there are many Danes spread out in different international rosters, karrigan was asked about what he thinks needs to be done to the Danish CS:GO scene to build a fully Danish team at the top that can compete with Heroic, now that Astralis are struggling to find themselves.

“I think it’s hard to say, I think Astralis next year is going to be better than this year. It’s been a rough year for them, obviously, even though they had really good players. So I think it is what it is, as people are seeing that an international team can also do really good damage, as we had a really good year as an international team.

So, I think you’ll see more Danish players seeking that way, unless there’s a big sponsorship, where they try to focus on being purely Danish, as we have a lot of good Danish players. So for now, I think that the scene is good, if Astralis can up their level for next year, we have two really good Danish full teams and then you have Danish players places around in different camps and different teams.” – karrigan told Blix.gg.

You can read the full interview with karrigan right here.

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