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K23 sign neaLaN replacement

The Kazakstan team is now back with a full squad.

K23 has found their in-game leader with the organization announcing the transfer of 23-year-old Vladislav "FinigaN" Usov on Twitter. The Russian is set to take over the helm from Sanjar "neaLaN" İshakov, who was bought by the North Americans from Evil Geniuses earlier this month.

FinigaN, who previously has represented CIS teams as AVANGAR and ESPADA, joins a team which have lost their most profiled players in n0rb3r7, fame and neaLaN over a short period of time – however, it still features the former forZe AWPer Bogdan “xsepower” Chernikov and the promising teenager Daniil “X5G7V “ Maryshev

K23 | Roster

Bogdan “xsepower” Chernikov

Daniil “X5G7V “ Maryshev

Konstantin “Raijin” Trubarov

Timur “clax” Sabirov

Vladislav "FinigaN" Usov

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